DIRTBIKERUSH Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX 2013

AMA Motocross 2013 - Round 8 Washougal MX Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX 2013

Monster Energy AMA Motocross - Round 8 of the 2013 AMA Motocross at the Washougal MX, Oregon

The day starts overcast keeping the moisture in the track surface and the lighting (and visibility) even for the riders.

The points leaders in both classes were the fastest qualifiers pre-race. Ken Roczen in the 250 class with a 2 minute 8 second lap and Ryan Villopoto with 2 minute 7 second lap.

250 Moto 1 - The GEICO boys, Justin Bogla and Eli Tomac get off the line fastest and lead the first lap. Roczen gets a bad start.

Blake Baggett and Marvin Musquin are battling in third and fourth while Roczen has to fight his way past a bunch of fast young riders. Baggett's bike breaks down and Roczen moves up from third to second.

Tomac takes the win ahead of Roczen and Musquin. Tomac was in the same position last round, what will he do in moto two?

250 Moto 2 - The GEICO powerhouse blasts off the line with Bogle, Tomac, Osborne and Hahn up front followed closely by Ken Roczen.

Tomac gets Bogle early and so does Roczen and we have the battle we all wanted. 1 and 2 in the championship up front early.

Tomac is fast and slowly inching his way from Roczen.. Tomac is really fast!

Tomac take the win by 25 seconds and overall for the day to move up to 1 point behind Roczen in the 250 championship.

250 Results Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX Oregon 2013:Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX 2013

  1. Eli Tomac HON 1/1
  2. Ken Roczen KTM 2/2
  3. Marvin Musquin KTM 3/4R

Feature Video - RacerX Motocross Show Washougal MX 2013:


450 Moto 1 - Ryan Dungey does what he has to and gets out fron early in the moto while Ryan Villopoto is caught behind Stewart, Barcia and Short.

Villopoto is so aggressive early and makes his way up to third behind Stewart then after a short tussle gets by and takes second.

Villopoto tries hard to close down Dungey (and is close by race end), but Dungey takes the race win.

450 Moto 2 - Josh Grant with another holeshot ahead of Dungey and Villopoto then he bobble on corner two letting both Ryans by.

Stewart takes over third while Dungey and Villopoto set a cracking pace out front with Villopoto eventually getting by and showing who is faster by pulling away for the win.

450 Results Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX Oregon 2013:Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto KAW 2/1
  2. Ryan Dungey - KTM 1/2
  3. James Stewart SUZ 3/3 Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX 2013

Point Standings after Round 8: Round 8 Ama Motocross Washougal MX 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto 380
  2. Ryan Dungey 338
  3. Justin Barcia 271
  4. James Stewart 224
  5. Trey Canard 219
  6. Mike Alessi 199
  7. Andrew Short 164
  8. Jake Weimer 160
  9. Broc Tickle 159
  10. Josh Grant 158

Ryan Villopoto maintains his big lead in the 450 class and just looks so strong and aggressive ALL moto. Can anyone beat him in the next few rounds?

The 250 class is where all the interest is now as the points are close (very close), with 1 point seperating the leaders and they match each other for speed.