DIRTBIKERUSH Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National 2013

AMA Motocross 2013 - Round 9 Spring Creek National Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National 2013

Monster Energy AMA Motocross - Round 9 of the 2013 AMA Motocross at the Spring Creek National, Millville MN

Not Quite like Southwick, but at Spring Creek we are back at a sand track. You will always see the strongest riders up front at a sand race.

Ryan Villopoto and Eli Tomac are the fastest qualifiers in both classes, but amazingly they have the same time of 1 minute and 53 seconds.

250 Moto 1 - If you guessed that Wil Hahn gets the holeshot then you'd be exactly... right! Hahn in front of 'local' rider Jeremy Martin (his parents own the track and he lives right next door) and Ken Roczen. Tomac is not helping himself by getting off to a tenth place start.

Tomac is working his way forward when Roczen who is second behind Hahn loses it big time, slams his chest into the bars and goes over the front, landing on his back.

Roczen gets back on his bike and slowly makes his way back to the pits.

Tomac takes the lead ahead of Martin and Anderson holding that position til the end of the moto.

250 Moto 2 - I'll let you guess again who gets the holeshot... yep, Wil Hahn!

Blake Baggett is in second and Ken Roczen is third. Tomac again is not helping himself and is sitting in tenth.

Baggett gets by Hahn followed by Roczen. Tomac is flying and slicing his way up towards the leaders.

Roczen gets to the front, but only to hold the spot for the Tomac freight train to get there, get by then clear off!

Tomac takes the overall and also the points lead.

250 Results Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National Millville MN 2013:Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National 2013

  1. Eli Tomac HON 1/1
  2. Marvin Musquin KTM 4/4
  3. Jason Anderson SUZ 3/5R

Feature Video - Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Spring Creek National 2013 Highlights:


450 Moto 1 - Muscle Milk Honda is out front early with Justin Barcia grabbing the holeshot ahead of Trey Canard. Ryan Villopoto goes down early and is stuck mid-pack.

Ryan Dungey was up front early, but throws his chain off the rear sprocket. Luckily he is able to re-fit it and continue racing.

Stewart battles with Barcia and takes over the lead. Canard gets by Barcia and then catches and battles with Stewart. It is really close at the line, but Stewart takes the win.

450 Moto 2 - James Stewart gets a clear holeshot in front of Ryan Dungey and Josh Grant. It seems Grant can't buy any luck as he gets by Dungey then swaps the bike and goes over the side. He has to watch the whole field go by him.

The JGR bad luck continues with Brayton going down while sitting in sixth.

Dungey works on Stewart and after a good battle gets by him. Canard passes his teamate Barcia and goes after Stewart.

Dungey wins moto 2 with Canard second and Stewart third.

Points leader Ryan Villopoto finishes the day with 6/4 scores for fifth overall and gives up only about 10 points to Dungey.

450 Results Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National Millville MN 2013:Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National 2013

  1. James Stewart SUZ 1/3
  2. Trey Canard - HON 2/2
  3. Ryan Dungey - KTM 5/1 Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National 2013

Point Standings after Round 9: Round 9 Ama Motocross Spring Creek National 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto 413
  2. Ryan Dungey 379
  3. Justin Barcia 307
  4. James Stewart 269
  5. Trey Canard 263
  6. Mike Alessi 195
  7. Andrew Short 191
  8. Jake Weimer 184
  9. Broc Tickle 183
  10. Josh Grant 176

Ryan Villopoto maintains a 34 point lead in the championship. They say you win championships on your worst day and despite setbacks Villopoto still worked his way forward and keep getting points.

Roczen loses the points lead to Tomac by not finishing moto 1 with Tomac winning four motos in a row now.

In other news, what is going on in the Alessi family? Mike Alessi loses all points he made at Washougal due to his brother Jeff shining a laser pointer at Villopoto and Malcolm Stewart. Their dad is banned til the end of the series.