Motocross Conversion - Offroad Registration

B Class registration is a conditional form of registration that is available for motorcycles and ATVs that do not have a compliance plate but to which have been fitted head and tail lights, a working stop light and a muffler that limits noise level to no more than 94 dbA.

Mirrors, batteries and a horn are not required and choice of tyre is free.

This is a restricted level of registration and B Class motorcycles and quads can only be used on a public road whilst participating in an event arranged by Motorcycling WA or other organisation approved by the DPI.

Third-party personal insurance cover is provided by the State Government Insurance Commission while the motorcycles or quads are being used in competition.

Because of this limited insurance cover B Class Registration costs significantly less than A Class registration.


I've always been more of a motocross rider and racer and had my 1999 YZ125 for a number of years. My brother on the other hand has preferred to ride offroad trails, forest and bush riding on his XR400.

When my brother upgraced his XR for a KTM450 he suggested I get myself a bike i can register and take offroad as well.

Two problems with that:

  • I liked my motocross bike and
  • I didn't have the cash to upgrade to a new bike.

This video shows how I solved my dilemma.

Purchasing a kit that cost under $500 I was able to put a headlight and tail light that was powered off the bikes coil. This allowed me to get a restricted registration that is available in my home state.

Watch the video above to see how easy it is to convert your dirtbike from motocross to trailbike.