DIRTBIKERUSH Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013

AMA Supercross 2013 - Round 17 Las Vegas Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013

Monster Energy AMA Supercross - Round 17 of the AMA Supercross in Las Vegas.

We have an unusual race for the final round with a start outside that stadium and four main events. The 450 title has already been wrapped up, but we still have two titles to race for in the 250 East and West classes.

250 East Final - Five points seperates leader Will Hahn and Marvin Musquin in the race for the championship so Musquin needs riders to finish between himself and Hahn.

Arenacross multi champion Tyler Bowers is out front being chased by Musquin and Hahn. Hahn is doing an awesome job after seriously damaging his wrist in an earlier accident, but cant make it past the top two.

Musquin needs to get by Bowers to win the championship, but the Pro-circuit Moster Energy Kawasaki rider is doing a great job and takes it all the way to the checkers!

So Will Hahn is your East Coast 250 Supercross Champion!.

250 West Final - Another final to be decided, this time it's KTM rider Ken Roczen with the five point lead over Eli Tomac.

Martin Davalos has the early lead, Roczen fourth and Tomac is fifth. Roczen has moved into second and Tomac is right behind him.

Tomac makes the pass on Roczen... a clean pass (he had a chance to put him off the track) and then gets by Davalos. That has them tied and Tomac would win on race wins. What can Roczen do?

Tomac will win, but Roczen is charging (and Davalos is slowing). Going in to the last lap Roczen gets by Davalos in the rythym section.

With that pass Ken Roczen becomes the West Coast 250 Supercross Champion!

250 East/West Shootout - Ken Roczen cements his championship win by taking out the east/west shootout.

Feature Video - Ama Supercross 2013, Round 17 Las Vegas, a Gopro Lap with Ryan Villopoto:


450 Heat 1 - Ryan Dungey wins it. Jake Weimer second, then Brayton, Barcia, and Short.

450 Heat 2 - Ryan Villopoto wins the race, Davi Millsaps second, Trey Canard third, Weston Peick is next and fifth is Chad Reed.

450 Main Event - Jake Weimer with the holeshot, Chad Reed is second, Andrew Short, Ryan Villopoto, and Ryan Dungey.

By the start of the second lap, Ryan Villopoto has gotten by teammate Weimer and moved into the lead. Ryan Dungey is third, Chad Reed fourth, Justin Barcia fifth.

As they finish lap 5, it’s Ryan Villopoto is leading Ryan Dungey, Jake Weimer is third, Davi Millsaps has moved up to fourth and Reed fifth.

Millsaps wants to claim that second place in the final point standings, just as he did last year. He and Dungey are battling for it. Villopoto has a nice lead, Dungey riding well in second, and Millsaps now into third.

Then Weimer, Barcia, and Reed.

At the halfway point Villopoto has a break on Dungey. And Dungey has a nice advantage over Millsaps. Jake Weimer is next, with Justin Barcia in fifth.

Ryan Villopoto has done it. He wins his tenth race of the season. Ryan Dungey finished second tonight, Davi Millsaps third, … but Millsaps wins the battle with Dungey for second overall on the season points.

Ryan Villopoto said after the win “This is the way to cap it off. It’s been a long season, and this is the best way to finish it. Thank you to all the fans that came out – you make it special.”

Results Round 17 Ama Supercross Las Vegas 2013:Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013
  2. Davi Millsaps Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013
  3. Ryan Dungey Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013

Point Standings after Round 17: Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013

  1. Ryan Villopoto - 371
  2. Davi Millsaps - 338
  3. Ryan Dungey - 337
  4. Justin Barcia - 277
  5. Chad Reed - 239
  6. Trey Canard - 221
  7. Andrew Short - 214
  8. Justin Brayton - 190
  9. Broc Tickle - 176
  10. James Stewart - 174

After Ryan Villopoto joined the elite group of Hannah, McGrath and Carmichael winning three supercross championships in a row! He kept his cool and took out his tenth race of the season.

Round 16 Ama Supercross Salt Lake 2013