Dirtbike Tire Changing - Part 2 Changing the Rim

After taking of the tire it's time to fit the new rim.

The reason for the new rim as you can see on the video is the crack in the old rim.

So the first thing to do is loosen the spokes. As I made my way around the rim the spokes were harder to loosen as the pressure was released so it was necessary to use multi-grips, vice grips and even a clamp to hold the spoke still while turning the spoke nipple. This was probably a sign to get new spokes and nipples, but we have a budget here.

If you are using the same spokes it is a good idea to tape together pairs of spokes so you can easily fit them to the new rim! If not take note (or a picture) of the how the spokes are laced before you do the rim change.

This video is part 2 of 3 - changing and aligning the rim.


With the spokes already laced, fitting the new rim is easy as the angle of the spoke holes in the rim face the hub they should go to.

The most time consuming part of the rim change came next.

Getting the spokes tight and having the rim straight and true takes a bit time. By using a screwdriver as a guide and tightening opposite spokes you can get the rim back straight and true.

Once you are done with the rim change it's on to fitting the tire.

Part 1 - removing the tire : Part 3 - fitting the tire