AMA Supercross 2013 - Round 5 Anaheim 3

Monster Energy Supercross is back at Angels Stadium, Anaheim. Previously scheduled for Dodgers Stadium, but had to be relocated because of stadium work there.

No whoops after the first turn this week, more of a rollers section. Riders are saying the track is firm and good for the first couple of laps then gets a bit slick.

250 Heat 1 - Martin Davalos does what he does and grabs the holeshot. He's been dubbed the 'Heat Race Hero' by RC and Jeff Emig. Davalos holds the lead to win the heat from Ken Roczen and Cole Seely.

Tyla Rattray and Christian Craig both had trouble and are off to the LCQ.

250 Heat 2 - After a bad main last week Eli Tomac comes out fired up, takes the holeshot and runs away with it.

Joey Savatgy second and Jason Anderson after contact with Savatgy and going down comes back for third.

Good news again for Aussie fans as both Josh Cachia (4th) and Kade Mosig (8th) make it through to the main.

250 LCQ - Osborne and Craig qualify, but Rattray misses his first main.

250 Main Event - Joey Savatgy gets the holeshot ahead of Roczen, but by the end of the first lap Roczen and Davalos are one and two. Eli Tomac has a mid-pack start.

By mid-race Davalos is starting to pressure Roczen, but Tomac is still some ways back around ten seconds.

Ken Roczen takes another win, Martin Davalos in second and Eli Tomac is third. Josh Cachia and Kade Mosig finish 13th and 14th.

One more round for the west coast 250's in San Diego then a break. Tomac has some work to do to retain his title now.

Feature Video - Anaheim 3 Supercross 2013, 450 Main Event:


450 Heat 1 - Davi Millsaps gets out in front ahead of justin Barcia. Villopoto gets squeezed off the line and stuck at the back of the pack.

Millsaps takes the heat from Barcia and Reed. Ryan Villopoto makes his way back up to fourth.

450 Heat 2 - Both JGR riders, Justin Brayton and Josh Grant get out front and battle for the lead. Canard drops from third to fourth while he and Stewart were catching the leaders.

Dungey's rear shock (air shock) blows out, so both he and after a mid-pack start Aussie Dan McCoy, are off to the LCQ.

450 LCQ - Heart stopping stuff in the LCQ as Dungey get's caught in a second turn pile-up and only makes his way to a qualifying spot on the last lap!

450 Main Event - Mike Alessi gets the start from Justin Brayton and Chad Reed, but for the second week in a row Reed goes down after Brayton jumps right into corner three.

Villopoto gets a terrible start and has a LOT of work to do.

Dungey quickly moves past Alessi for the lead as does Millsaps in a move that puts Alessi on the ground.

Dungey takes his first win of the season, Millsaps is second and maintains his series lead and Barcia gets back on the podium with a third.

Results Round 5 Anaheim 3 Supercross 2013:

  1. Ryan Dungey
  2. Davi Millsaps
  3. Justin Barcia

Point Standings after Round 5:

  1. Davi Millsaps - 107
  2. Ryan Dungey - 93
  3. Trey Canard - 92
  4. Ryan Villopoto - 90
  5. Chad Reed - 81
  6. Andrew Short - 71
  7. Justin Barcia - 61
  8. James Stewart- 56
  9. Justin Brayton - 53
  10. Jake Weimer - 48

Stewart finishes the race in fourth, but was battling for second early in the race, Chad Reed came back to fifth. Canard (7th) and Vilopoto (8th) finish out of the top five.

Question of the day is should Ryan Dungey run the rest of the series with a traditional spring shock?